Private Tuition Enrolment Policy

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We strive to make musical learning fun for all of our students.  However, there are some things that need to be considered and agreed upon before we begin.  Enrolment in individual and group music tuition presumes acceptance of these terms.

1.  Enrolment and Payment:

1.1  An online ‘Enrolment Form’ (found HERE) is required to be completed for each new student upon Enrolment.  Should any contact, medical, media consent or other important information change during their Enrolment period with the studio, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to update these details ASAP with us.  This same form can be used for updating details at any time.  The studio will not be held liable for details not being kept up-to-date.

1.2  Advance payment of the term’s fees is required by the due date as located at the top of your invoice (usually the WEEK BEFORE the 1st lesson of each new term).  This guarantees a commitment from the student (and parents) to attend music lessons and practise regularly for a specific tuition period.

1.3  Continuing students who pay their next term’s fees in full by the conclusion of the current school term, will be eligible for a 5% ‘Early-Bird’ discount off their total fees.

1.4  Should you opt for a ‘Payment Plan’, written request (email or sms will suffice) at least 1 week prior to the total fees due date, is required.  Instalments will be due on set weeks, as notified to you by the studio (via email).  Students who choose a ‘Payment Plan’ will incur a 5 % surcharge, to cover extra administration costs.

1.5  Please note that a late fee of $5 per week will be charged immediately for fees paid after the given due date (beginning from the day after in which they were due).  This applies to all payments in full, as well as ‘Payment Plans’.  Once payments are 2 week’s overdue, tuition may be placed on hold, or potentially terminated.  Any concerns regarding a ‘potentially’ late payment due to difficult circumstances, need to be discussed with the studio’s director prior to the total fees or set instalment due date.  Any late fees ‘may’ be waived in exceptional circumstances, and at the studio’s discretion.

1.6  For 2 siblings enrolled in the same term for private tuition, there will be a 10% discount off your total term’s fees for the 2 students. For 3 siblings enrolled in the same term for private tuition, there will be a 15% discount off your total term’s fees for the 3 students.  For 4 siblings enrolled in the same term for private tuition, there will be a 20% discount off your total term’s fees for the 4 students.

1.7  Invoices and timetabling for subsequent term’s tuition will be based on the previous term’s arrangements, unless otherwise notified (eg. tuition day/time/duration, payment plan or payment in full, etc.).

1.8  Preferred payment is by Direct Deposit (Westpac: BSB 034114, Account 132517 – please use the student’s surname as the reference) or Paypal (including for Credit Card payments).

1.9  This studio reserves the right to suspend or terminate tuition for students who do not meet their financial obligations by the deadlines.

2.  Before, During, and After the Music Lesson:

2.1  During lessons, only the student and music teacher will be in the music room, unless with prior arrangement. This is to ensure that no interruptions or distractions occur that may affect the student’s progress and concentration, and to also ensure “value for money” in receiving a full duration and quality of a lesson.  You are welcome to wait outside the studio in the patio, for your comfort and convenience, should you wish to stay.

2.2  Should you choose to drop off and pick up your child (under 18’s) from the street, be aware that no adult supervision is given by the studio (only during the student’s designated lesson time), and that it is your choice and responsibility with regards to their safety and well-being!

2.3  Prior to their lesson, students are required to wait quietly outside the studio (in the patio area), until the teacher is ready to invite them in for their lesson (please note that lessons are scheduled back-to-back).

2.4  After their lesson, students are required to wait quietly outside the studio (in the patio area), until their parent/guardian (for under 18’s) arrives to collect them.

2.5  Never leave siblings or other children unsupervised on the studio’s property (other than the intended student receiving the music lesson).  Leaving them unsupervised prior to or after a lesson is done so by the parents’ choice and responsibility. Families with 2 or more children receiving back-to-back lessons on the same day may choose for their child/ren to wait in the patio area unsupervised during their sibling’s lesson, but again, if unsupervised, it is by the parents’ choice and responsibility.  Siblings will not be allowed into each other’s lessons.  Any damages incurred to the studio’s property, or disruptions occuring during this time will be the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians (for under 18’s).

2.6  Inappropriate, rude, and/or disruptive behaviour during the lesson (and before/after, if it affects another lesson that’s currently in session) will not be tolerated!  This behaviour may result in a parent/guardian being required to collect their child prior to the lesson’s completion.  Continuation of this behaviour may result in termination of the student’s enrolment (in which case, no refund for the remainder of the term’s fees will be given).

3.  Continuous Enrolment & Withdrawal From Lessons:

3.1  From the time your child is first enrolled he/she is considered to be enrolled, until a ‘Withdrawal Notification’ via email is received.  Re-enrolment is automatic from one term to the next, including from one year to the next, and will be invoiced accordingly, unless the studio is otherwise notified by you by the end of the current tuition term.

3.2  During the term, a minimum of THREE lessons notification is required for intention of withdrawal.  A refund of the remainder of the term’s fees will only be given in exceptional and reasonable circumstances, as discussed with the studio’s director.  It is reasonably expected that students will commit to a FULL term’s enrolment.

3.3  The ‘notification period’ will be in effect from the date of written consent being received by the studio’s director (Leia Knibb) from parent/guardian (verbal consent is not acceptable). This is out of fairness to the studio for setting aside that lesson day/time, whilst turning away new enrolments due to that spot initially being ‘filled’ by you/your child.  Refusal to pay the forfeited amount may result in further action being taken.

4.  Missed Lessons:

4.1  Where the teacher misses a lesson, notification will be given as soon as possible, and the lesson will be made up at an appropriate time for both parties.

4.2  Where a student misses a lesson due to illness or an urgent family matter, a make-up lesson will be given provided that the studio has been given a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to that lesson. If the illness or urgent matter has occurred that day, a minimum of 4 hours notice is required.  If the required notification has not been given (or no notification at all), the lesson will be forfeited (except in exceptional circumstances, and at the studio’s discretion).

4.3  Lessons will not be made up when a student misses the lesson for other reasons (forgetfulness, arriving at the wrong time, etc.).

4.4  Should a suitable time not arise for the make-up lesson to occur prior to the term’s end, the fee for that lesson will be credited towards the following term’s invoice, as a lesson already paid for in advance.

4.5  All lessons missed by the teacher will either be made up, or credited towards the following term’s invoice. However, there will be a limit of 2 lessons per term made up only by fault or cancellation by the student.

4.6  A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required if the student will be missing due to school or other important, “one-off” activities – camps, exams, music-related, sport-related, etc., or early family holidays.  Failure to give the required notification will result in the missed lesson/s being forfeited.

4.7  Should a student not continue their enrolment into the following term, any make-up lessons owing will not be refunded, and will be forfeited.

4.8  Should your regularly timetabled lesson occur on a ’Pupil Free Day’ or a ’Public Holiday’ during the QLD state school term, note that lessons will still occur as per usual, unless otherwise notified by the studio.

5.  Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy:

5.1  In accordance with the requirements of the ‘Public Safety Business Agency: Blue Card Services’, all persons engaged in teaching the ‘Starshine Music Studio’ programs have Blue Suitability Cards.  Employers and businesses regulated by the Agency’s Act must also have a written ‘Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy’ in place, showing the organisation’s commitment to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.  You can view the ‘Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy’ for Private Tuition HERE.

Last updated 27/6/16.