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Rob, dad of Ethan 11 years, Beginner Piano Tuition:

“I just want to say thank you so much for being such a positive influence in our son’s life.  It is great to see him really enjoying himself through music.  Thanks again!”


Miranda, mum of Connor 10 years, Beginner Piano Tuition:

“My ten year old son has been attending piano lessons at Starshine for the past two years. I chose Starshine as I learnt that Leia had worked with children with special needs and was familiar with Asperger’s Syndrome. Her home studio is a quiet and relaxed setting which is perfect for him to learn without unfamiliar distractions. Leia’s love of music is natural, as is my son’s, which she encourages through his own creativity and music style. Leia takes a fun approach to learning the piano, with great songs and her gentle way. He loves his lessons and looks forward to it each week. It’s magical to hear him play such beautiful music at home, learned in only a short space of time. We are so glad we found Leia Knibb and ‘Starshine Music Studio’.”


Gill, mum of Imogen 4 years, ‘Junior Jammers’ Vocal Group; Singing & Beginner Piano Tuition:

“It is not very often that you come across a person such as talented Leia who can excite and motivate children so well. Singing and Piano lessons for Imogen is something she so looks forward to each week. Not only has her singing improved but her enthusiasm for music and musical instruments has as well…..not to mention the confidence boost! Thanks Leia for sharing your home, your time and talents!”


Jenn, mum of Georgia 11 years, ‘Senior Starlets’ Vocal Group:

“Georgia says she looks forward to coming every week as it’s great fun, and she’s met some new friends. I would like to thank you for the dedication you show to our children. You teach with such passion, and a great sense of fun. Georgia’s confidence has soared since she started vocal group! Thanks!”


Kelly, mum of Hayden 3 years & Lauren 9 months, Kindermusik ‘Family Time’:

“I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old, and they both love Kindermusik equally – it is the highlight of their week!!! It is great for them developmentally, plus it’s a whole heap of fun! Leia is brilliant with both of the kids, and we feel very lucky to have found both her and Kindermusik!”


Kim, mum of Emily 8 years, ‘Junior Jammers’ Vocal Group:

My daughter, Emily, has been doing Choir lessons with Leia for about a year now. She looks forward to the classes each week and has learnt so much! She has always loved singing, but was a bit shy to perform. She is now much more confident to perform than when she started, and has been praised by her school choir teacher for this improvement. I believe her improvement is thanks to Leia’s classes.


Kirsti, mum of Krystle-Lee 4 years, Kindermusik ‘Family Time’:

“My 4 year old really looks forward to her music classes with Leia each week (and is always very disappointed if we’ve ever had to miss a class). She loves being able to explore the various musical instruments in class with her new little friends, and particularly loves the weekly family ‘Jam’ sessions! We sing, we dance, we play, we explore…we have so much fun, whilst learning new skills and musical concepts, as well as learning all about our child’s development! I really feel that it has helped in getting her ready for starting Prep next year. It’s also a great opportunity for the adults to spend some quality (and fun!) time with their child, as well as with other adults and their children, in a very friendly, safe, and caring environment – another great reason to get out of the house too! Thanks, Leia!”


Alisha, mum of Harry 12 months, Kindermusik ‘Village’:

“My son did the Kindermusik program and he loved it, the music is excellent for child of his age (1 yr). The interaction with children of his age was easy and comfortable, no pressure at all. I recommend this to all mummies that need an outlet for adult convo or want their children to have fun and learn through music, movement and touch. 10/10 =)”

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