Why Music?

Music for now. Skills for life!

“Music has a great power for bringing people together.  With so many forces in this world acting to drive wedges between people, it’s important to preserve those things that help us experience our common humanity.”  (Ted Turner, Turner Broadcasting System)

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if music didn’t exist?  I mean…at all.  No music…EVER!  Nada.  Nothing!  What a miserable, boring, empty, lifeless world it would be!!!  Think about the implications that might mean for you…for your family.  Think about where and how you use or come across music each day. Bye bye iPods, CDs, and Cassettes (haha…yes…I snuck that one in there for us oldies who may still have a couple laying around the place!).  See you later film scores!  Imagine a movie without any music!  Try watching a crucial part in your favourite movie with the sound turned off – “Jaws” without the ‘Jaws’ theme; “Titanic” without it’s rich, emotion-evoking, ‘tug on your heartstrings’ score; your child’s (or yours!) favourite Disney movie without any songs or music – Frozen, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast…the list goes on.  A song that I often use with my singing students expresses my feelings on this topic perfectly:

“We Absolutely HAVE To Have Music!”

(by Jacqueline Hanna McNair, The Sing! Book, 2008).

“We absolutely have to have music!  Without it, whatever would we do?  How would we ever get along if we didn’t have a song?  I don’t think that I could make it, could you?  We absolutely have to have music!  We must have it morning night and noon.  So we’re very glad to say that music’s here to stay, because we absolutely have to have our music!

Music can be absolutely magic.  It thrills me as if I were a child.  Better than anything around when the world has got me down, it can turn a worried frown into a smile.  We absolutely have to have music!  We need it like flowers need the dew.  If they take away the rain, we’ll shed a tear or two.  If they take away the sunshine, we’ll shiver and turn blue.  But if they take away the music, we don’t know what we’ll do, because we absolutely have to have, absolutely have to have, absolutely have to have our music!  ABSOLUTELY!”

There are endless reasons as to why we should view music as a VITAL part of our daily lives (yes…VITAL!).  Music can and does transform lives!  I am yet to hear a negative impact that music has had on someone’s life…and I truly doubt that I ever will!

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