Private Tuition

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We offer professional, comprehensive tuition for children from aged 4 years to adults (including the more ‘mature’ adults). Our motto is, ‘Where music SHINES!”, and we are committed to providing quality music tuition in a fun, safe, caring environment, enabling students’ musical potential to ‘shine’, and to be the best that they can be. Lessons cover practical, theoretical and aural aspects with an emphasis on positive learning within a musically active performance environment.

Students need to make a commitment to music lessons for at least one school term, to truly realise their musical potential, and to recognise the value of learning music. Students who study a musical instrument learn responsibility and discipline; gain pride in their accomplishments which in turn makes them confident; learn to think in a logical manner; and perform better in school…to name just a few of the endless benefits. To read more about how music aids all areas of development, visit the ‘Benefits Of Music’ page on this website.

A good practice routine is essential in order to achieve and get the most value from music lessons. As a motivational tool, students are issued with ‘Music Practice Sheets’ each lesson which enable the student (and parents/guardians) to monitor their progress.

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