Imagine That Units

See What I SawIn this class, preschoolers use their real’ experience of playing in the park to create imaginative, story-telling scenarios with music — go on an imaginary trip to ‘Grasshopper Park’ where they sail down the park slide and then recreate the sound of that experience with a loooong vocal ‘glissando’. Each week provides pre-schoolers with one uninterrupted session of imaginative play that’s guided in a very specific, sequential way — with a special ‘sharing time’ with parents in the last 10 minutes of class each week.  
Hello Weather, Let’s Play TogetherSunshine, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and more in this imaginative and delightful weather-related musical adventure. Pre-schoolers create storm sounds with a drum to “Wild Storms”, jump in pretend puddles to “Mud Puddle Jump”, throw ‘pretend’ snow-balls to “Snowballs”, and sing along to “Colours of the Rainbow”. With weather as our learning theme, pre-schoolers will explore musical styles that range from ‘Opera’ to ‘American Folk;, and become more self-sufficient in a creative musical environment that integrates music, pretend play, story-telling, movement, and more.  
Toys I Make, Trips I TakeThink of it like taking a course inside a child’s imagination. We’ll use the theme of a toy shop to make our ‘pretend’ creations, using rhythm and songs with every imaginary saw, hammer, and nail. The result is building the pre-schooler’s sense of a sequence of events, which is good for story-telling, as well as making his ideas a reality.  
Cities! Busy Places, Friendly FacesIn this unit, sidewalks, elevators, skyscrapers, and world-travelling photographers are the theme. Learning through the ‘pretend’ play that pre-schoolers adore, we’ll be rhythmically busy playing story-telling games and hand-crafting city “buildings” from wax paper at home so that we can make a cityscape in class! Plus, every activity has some at-home adaptations so the parent can take part in the learning. With a pair of resonator bars as a featured instrument, and a multicultural, jazzy collection of music, pre-schoolers will develop the social and intellectual skills they’ll need in school.