Buying A Piano

*** Acoustic vs. Digital ***

If you don’t have much knowledge in the area, it can often be quite daunting and tricky trying to decide which piano is best for you and your family.  The documents below are guides to help explain the differences between Acoustic and Digital Pianos.  Also visit the following website to request your FREE copy of the ‘Australian Piano Buyers’ Guide’:

* All students learn on a quality Upright Yamaha C108 Acoustic Piano, or a Casio CDP200 Digital Piano.

* At the end of 2008, I purchased a Casio CDP-200 (so that it could be used for any external performances, it could be connected to my computer, etc.).  I would highly recommend considering this as it contains many more features than most, is one of the cheapest Digital Pianos around, and has a quality sound and feel.  Click on the piano pictures below for more helpful tips to consider when deciding, as well as for more information regarding the specifications of the latest model, the Casio CDP-220R.  Contact your nearest music store for further enquiries.


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