Family Time (Newborn – 7 Yrs)

Age Range:  Newborn – 7 years.

Class Structure:  4 units over 2 years; each 16-weeks long.

Class Length:  40 minutes.

Class Size:  Max. 6 families per class (parent attends whole lesson).

***  We’re A Musical Family  ***

Bringing children of all ages together provides a dynamic and integrated learning experience for everyone.  So, we took favourite Kindermusik songs and activities like “Shake, Shake the Apple Tree” and “Hammocking”, and rolled them into a fun, all-round ‘Family Time’ class, where each child is welcomed and valued, and family “together time” is celebrated and cherished.


‘Family Time’ offers a family approach to music.  With older children ready to show the little ones how it’s done, and the younger ones eager to learn, ‘Family Time’ becomes a multi-layered learning environment.  Each week, a Kindermusik Educator will introduce basic musical concepts and then give you the instruments, and the structured free time to put those concepts into play.

Your child/ren will listen to instruments and to each other, learn from their peers and older children, and enjoy music and movement with hoops, scarves and tumble-around play.  Story-time and family ‘jam sessions’, puppet play and happy singing are just some of the ‘Family Time’ activities which encourage discovery and exploration, and foster sharing and social skills too. In this special place for musical, social and emotional learning, your child/ren will strengthen their ties with each other and with you – and they’ll start developing the skills that they’ll need for school and even in the local playground.

If you have several children and find it difficult to attend a class with just one of them, or too exhausting trying to fit in several music lessons a week…then bring them all to ‘Family Time’, and enjoy the one fun-filled music lesson TOGETHER!


What you’ll experience in class:

  • Instrument Exploration and Ensemble Skill Development – Your child will explore the physical characteristics and sounds of age-appropriate instruments which will eventually lead them to discover their potential for beat, rhythm, and melodic ensemble playing.
  • Singing  From the first “Hello” song to the last “Goodbye,” exploring a variety of musical styles and genres leads children to find their own voice. Plus, singing helps with memory and recall, physical development, creativity, and socialisation.
  • Assorted Movement – Whether moving as a ‘family’, as a class, or as individuals, Kindermusik ‘Family Time’ movement activities enhance co-ordination skills; create opportunities for imitation, exploration, and expression; and give everyone something to smile, rock, bounce, or dance about.
  • Story-Time and Early Literacy – Reading aloud to children stimulates their curiosity, expands their knowledge, and broadens their understanding of language.
  • Musical Concepts – Fun engaging activities bring out the musicality in everyone, from the youngest member of the family to the oldest. Families learn more about music as they learn more about each other.
  • Family ‘Jam Sessions’ – Children, as well as adults, will love selecting a unique instrument and joining in one big class jam instrument play along session each week.
  • Together Time – Kindermusik is the essence of quality time, allowing you to make the most of the fleeting toddler years and giving you the time and the tools to make music and memories together in class and at home.
  • Basic AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) – A great way to try and assist babies in communicating before they’re able to actually ‘verbalise’ the words, and to enhance a toddler’s communication skills.
  • Expert Advice – Our Kindermusik educators explain how our musically based activities enhance your child’s complete development.
  • Learning Continues at Home  With the ‘At Home’ Materials, the learning continues at home with the child’s best teacher — YOU!

Learn over 60 songs, and play over 100 activities together by the semester’s end!

Interested in WORKING with ‘Starshine Music Studio’?
Please send your resume and expressions of interest to [email protected].

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