ABC Music & Me – Fees


Congratulations on making the first step towards ensuring your Centre stands out from the rest when it comes to Music and Childhood Development!  By including Kindermusik’s ‘ABC Music & Me’ program as part of your offerings, your families will be forever grateful!  Rated as ‘Best Value Per Class’, and the world’s most trusted brand for Early Childhood Music and Movement!!!

There are various options available to Centres, so it’s best to speak Leia (Studio Director and ‘ABC Music & Me’ Rep for North Brisbane), to discuss what the best option is for you.

Delivery Methods (Centre Options):

1) Have your Staff member teach the program with the help of our Digital Teacher Guides; Digital Teacher Tools; downloadable ‘hosted’ audio; and a 3 hour Online Professional Development and Training Session included FREE with your Classroom Package. Half-day and full-day face-to-face ‘Implementation Training’ is also available (for an extra cost).

2) Have one of our Educators teach the program for you.  All of our Educators are positive Blue Card Holders in QLD (for working with children and young people), and are Kindermusik International trained and licensed (or are currently nearing completion of their Kindermusik training).

What’s Included (Centre Options):

Bronze Star

~ BRONZE Package ~

*  Weekly 20-30 minute Tuition provided by one of our Trained & Licensed Educators

Silver Star

~ SILVER Package ~
(For 20 Families per purchased Curricula. Extra numbers can be arranged, if required.)
*** YOUR CHOICE of 6 / 9 / 12 Monthly packages ***

*  Using your OWN Staff to teach the program

*  FREE 3-hour Online Professional Development and Training Session

*  Half-day and full-day face-to-face ‘Implementation Training’ also available (EXTRA COST)

*  Access to Digital Teaching Guides (DTG) – Centre Staff

*  Access to Digital Teaching Tools (DTT) – Centre Staff

*  Access to Digital Home Materials (DHM) – Centre Staff AND 20 Families

*  Classroom Instrument Set – 21 Sets of Instruments (1 Teacher + 20 Children)

*  Digital Monthly and Yearly Assessment Tools

*  ESL Guide and Documents 

*  Special Needs Guide and Documents

*  Downloadable ‘Hosted’ Audio for each Unit

*  Physical Storybooks

*  Physical Vocabulary and Visual Cards


Gold Star

~ GOLD Package ~
(For 20 Families per purchased Curricula.  Extra numbers can be arranged, if required.)
*** YOUR CHOICE of 6 / 9 / 12 Monthly packages ***

*  All of the above – Bronze and Silver Packages combined (tuition by OUR Educators)!!!

DTGs & DTTs  in-depth lesson plans, learning outcomes, activity directions including visual and audio samples, downloadable ‘hosted’ audio, downloadable story pages, weekly ‘take home’ pages, child development info, online assessment – monthly tracking for individuals and whole class to show progress, curriculum alignment, ESL documents, Special Needs documents, useful templates, and MORE! 

DHMs – ‘Kindermusik@Home’, downloadable songs (full albums from each unit), e-books, and interactive activities paired with information about child development.

For Centre’s opting for our Educator to teach the program, tuition fees are paid in monthly instalments.  Families are provided with Digital Home Materials (DHM) at a cost of $10 per monthly ‘themed’ unit (not optional).

COST (per child) – $50/month

Tuition = $10/lesson — >  Fees paid in monthly instalments

Digital Home Materials (DHMs) = $10/month — >  Not optional

Please note DISCOUNTED prices for families when Centres opt for a ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ Package deal.

Sibling and staff discounts available.

* Classes are continuous throughout the year, excluding Public Holidays and the Christmas School Break.

You can find out more about Digital Home Materials HERE.

Kindermusik@Home (iPad screenshot)

Kindermusik@Home (Mobile screenshot)